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What should I wear to my Engagement Session?

What to wear to your engagement session is a broad topic, I know. I am going to pass along some pointers from my experience both as a photographer and also from a client point of view. There are SO MANY considerations, and I don't want to overwhelm you, so I will focus on the most important things to consider, tips for what to wear, and what to avoid.

I will also add that these tips can be used for other sessions with a professional photographer as well! So no need to leave now if you're looking for tips for family, senior, or even maternity session!


  1. Where is your session taking place? Woods, fields, top of a mountain, in the city, historic estate, waterfall or lake, Downtown vibe, etc. All of these are different and have different requirements. How you dress and the shoes you wear will all be important.

  2. Consider colors that flatter your skin tone and eyes. Do you know what colors you look best in? Check out this fun helpful "quiz" that gives you colors that compliment your skin tone, eyes, and hair. Be sure to use a photo that is taken in natural light (no inside lights on at all where sun comes in or outdoors.) For me, I know I look best in Greens, deeper and bold blues, warm rust, and black/greys and avoid pink and super pastel colors. Here is the link! There are also colors that would photograph better than others depending on the location of the session as well! Regardless, run your outfits by your photographer before the session.

  3. Confidence and Comfort will translate into the photos. Regardless what anything says here, if you are not comfortable, it will translate in your facial expressions and body language! If you have to "suck in" or stand a certain way to feel comfortable in it, maybe try something else. Everyone has areas of their body they are self conscious of so try to play to your assets! ;) If you need a second opinion on an outfit, please ask!

  4. What will the weather be? If its hot sunny day in July, then a flowy summer dress with no sleeves and a lightweight button down shirt and khakis might be a good choice. If it's a cooler day in May or October, have layering options! Keep it elegant with a beige or black trench coat or a long slightly oversize blazer. If you know it's going to be cooler, choose a long sleeve dress so you don't have to worry about layers as much! (although, layers are AMAZING assets to your session)

  5. Shoes and Accessories! Make sure these decisions are thought out too so it's not the night before and you have no idea what shoes you're going to wear or you have no gold earrings to go with your dress.. :)


  1. Ladies, I always recommend at least one long dress option! Long dresses offer so much! There are so many styles that there's really something for every style and body type, gives us lots of posing options, they are romantic and elegant, and it will level up the final result! Regardless if you're in the city or on top of a mountain, I will always recommend at least one of these.

  2. Gentlemen, Dress up! It might not be your favorite thing to do, but it will be well worth it! The photos will be NEXT LEVEL and your Bride-to-be will be Grateful. :) Suits look amazing and can easily match the bride to be, black, grey, pattern, tan/beige, solid color. (don't forget to play to colors that look good to the groom's skin tone as well). The second outfit for the guy can be khaki's and a dress shirt or even jeans and a button down depending on the vibe.

  3. Coordinate > matching. The only time I recommend "Matching" is when the couple wants to do a black out look or all white with the guy in khakis or something like that. Most of the time you want to make sure your looks don't clash with too many patterns, opposing colors, etc. Again, if you're not sure, please ask! You can also play with TEXTURE instead of pattern!

  4. Be at similar levels of "dressed up." I think this one speaks for itself.


  1. Colors and patterns that don't photograph well. Such as super bright or neon colors, (example: green - avoid the neon green and go for a forest, olive, pastel, or even a kelly green for a more bold option in the green family). Also, fire engine red is probably my least favorite color to photograph if I'm being honest. :) As far as patterns go, if the pattern is too loud, it takes away from your faces! If you're unsure if a particular pattern is a good option, just reach out to me, and I'll give you feedback!

  2. Going too risqué... Dare I say this one... romantic, sensual, showing off curves, etc ALL AMAZING!! However, we're going for elegant and not a look that lacks good taste.

  3. Dressing down. leave the sweats and dirty shoes at home! Come looking your best!

Lastly, The LOVE you have for each other will speak the LOUDEST. Let yourselves relax, be romantic, laugh, smile, be yourselves! I can Guarantee you will love your photos even more if you do this!

Favorite places to get stunning dresses:

Baltic Born, Lulus, Alter'd State, Morning Lavender, Joyfolie, Amazon, and Francesca's

Below are a few dress ideas with links and feel free to look on these websites at other dresses they have as well!

Simple. Elegant, Jaw Dropper.

White is always a good option.

Love a good back detail.


A neutral elegant piece.

The movement on this one is Fire!!! And the slit is a fun touch also as it allows for move movement!

Black, modern, and chic

Bold Color with elevating details. and love a good hat!

This would be a bold summer second outfit!

Texture is so good!!!!

Try a 2 Piece outfit for one of your looks.

An example of a bold but flattering color and pattern.

Sleeve detail, deeper color, midi length, so much to love here.

Impact dress. Stand out and still be Classy!

Country Chic at its finest.

Again, another white option. It's just SO GOOD!

Take these as inspiration or go get one of them! or two!!

Thanks for check out my recommendations for your engagement session!

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